New Pebbles from Norfolk, England

I received 2 Pebble Deliveries today, but I’m so touched by each that I want them to have their own posts. So today I’m going to introduce some beautiful pebbles from Mundesley Beach, in Norfolk, England.


I couldn’t believe my eyes today when I checked the mailbox and saw something from the UK. As many of you know I lived in the UK for just under 4 years. I never had a chance to visit the beaches in Norfolk though, so this is so exciting! Here is a picture I found on Flickr of Mundesley Beach where the pebbles came from. Click on the image to see JayteaUK’s incredible photostream.

Mundesley Beach by JayteaUK

Mundesley Beach by JayteaUK

The pebbles came from Belinda Hart of North Walsham and with them was a heart felt letter that literally brought me to tears with joy. It was one of those moments when you come across someone and you realize there are still ‘real’ people in the world with a kind soul. In her letter she shared a passage from a book called ‘The Sea, The Sea’ by Iris Murdoch:

“I returned to my obsessive task of collecting stones, picking them out of tide-washed crannies and rock pools and carrying them back to the lawn, where Gilbert helped me with my border round the edge of the grass. The stones, so close-textured, so variously decorated, so individual, so handy, pleased me as if they were a small harmless tribe which I had discovered. Some of them were beautiful with a simple wit beyond that of any artist: light grey with thin pink traceries, black with elaborate white crosses, brown with purple ellipses, spotted and blotched and striped, and their exquisitely smooth forms lightly dinted and creased by the millennial work of the sea. More and more of them now found their way into the house, to lie upon the rose wood table or my bedroom window ledge.”

I was just blown away by this and now I’ve got to have this book!

Ms Hart is a pebble/stone collector too so this was even more meaningful. She simply found my website one day and decided to share a few pebbles from her own collection. I’ve decided that it’s only right that I share with her a pebble from my own collection too (as well as the ACEO!). I feel as if I’ve met a kindred spirit and just by chance. šŸ™‚


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3 Responses to New Pebbles from Norfolk, England

  1. leverthood says:

    What beautiful little pebbles, Amanda! Such a wonderful journey this is becoming for you!


    Jean Levert Hood

    • imakeart says:

      It certainly is Jean! I’m so glad that I decided to actually put this idea into action. It has become more rewarding that I ever could have imagined.


  2. Debbie says:

    I absolutely agree with you Amanda…the passage was beautiful. Such a thoughtful deed to go along with the stunningly marked pebbles!

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