Pebble Delivery from Washington!

package4This next pebble delivery is special to me because it comes from a place that I really do hope to visit one day. The Olympic Coast National Park!! Specifically this pebble came from Rialto Beach (see picture below). Like a few of my other pebble deliveries this one happen to come with a surprise too!!

Feathers from a Stellar Jay. The blue in this bird is just exquisite!! But before I get carried away. . .here is the pebble in question:


I love the striations in this pebble!

Rialto Beach - photo from the National Park Service

Rialto Beach - photo from the National Park Service

I received this pebble from a fellow DeviantART user by the name glunac. Here is a photo of the feathers she included and below her very own Photograph of the Stellar Jay.



Stellar Jay by Gloria Luna C.

You can purchase prints of this amazing bird in Gloria’s DeviantART Gallery:

Thank you Gloria!!


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6 Responses to Pebble Delivery from Washington!

  1. Amazing pebble! I saw a Stellar Jay on a trip to Colorado. What a beautiful bird!

  2. imakeart says:

    I can only imagine. I’ve never seen once since they are only out west. When I saw Gloria’s photograph my jaw dropped!! I’m feeling really tempted to paint a Stellar Jay now. šŸ™‚

  3. Rebecca says:

    I’m from Washington State and Rialto Beach is soo beautiful!!! The Olympic National Forest is amazing, the only rain forest in North America!!

    Congrats on a great exchange!

  4. Debbie says:

    Oh Amanda…I am so happy you are receiving such beautiful items with your exchange. I must admit that as soon as I saw the unique pebble and stunning blue feather I just knew you would want to paint it!
    I have been telling my friends about your exchange and how I received the adorable ACEO of “Watching Cardinals”! My very first ACEO!
    If it ever warms up in Connecticut I will send you more pebbles. I am so glad I found you…I think you are an amazing person…I honestly believe that if we lived near one another we would become great friends!

    • imakeart says:

      Debbie I’m so happy you like the ACEO. That cat in the painting is actually my cat, Shadow! She loves sitting in the window and watching the birds. šŸ™‚ I thought I just had to share something that was special to me since you in turn shared your memories with me. I have no doubt we’d be great friends!!

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