A Very Colorful Pebble Delivery!

package5I received a pebble today all the way from Ohio and what a colorful pebble it was!! It actually reminds of an abstract painting the way the colors are splattered throughout the stone.

I Love it!!! I keep picking it up and just turning in my hand.

The giver of the pebble is another Artist, Jane Brown, whom I met through Twitter of all places!! She has just begun uploading her artworks to Flickr. Check out her Gallery today.


It’s easy to participate in the One Pebble Project. Just send me your pebble and I will send you an Original ACEO. Visit the One Pebble website for further details and see pictures of all of the pebbles I’ve received.  http://onepebble.net


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Artist inspired by nature, fantasy and distant worlds.
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  1. This is so unusual, Amanda! It’s gorgeous!

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