New ACEOs and more Pebbles

With the sudden influx of pebbles I had to get busy creating some more ACEOs. Here’s just two I did recently:



Both of these ACEO’s will be going to their new homes today. I wonder who will get which one? 😀

The last 2 pebble deliveries came from opposite sides of the USA – Massachusetts and California! The Eastern pebbles came from Southampton to be exact. Adam Donaghue sent me 3 very different pebbles – each one beautiful and unique!


It’s not as easy to see in the photographs, but the smaller of the 3 pebbles has a lot of pink in it. I could be wrong since I’m trying to recall my Geology course from 1996, but I think that indicates the presence of Feldspar. The white pebble is just a chunk of Quartz and when you hold it to the light it sparkles! The last pebble looks smooth, but it isn’t to the touch; and it too has little specs of maybe Mica that sparkle in the light. Thank you Adam for such a wonderful donation!

The California pebble may have traveled from the West Coast to reach me, but it was found on Menemsha Beach, Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts!


I love how smooth this pebble is and the sheen it has. It’s a sea green color with a striking, white band. It came to me from another wonderful Artisan at 1000Markets, Elena Siff. Thank you so much!!

All of the pebbles I’ve been receiving and will continue to receive over the course of year will be models for a new series of Small Paintings. More details to come soon! If you’d like to participate in the One Pebble Project just visit for more info.


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  1. keeping up with this project has been so fun, Amanda, I look forward to your paintings from them.

  2. Love the idea of the pebbles. The aceo’s are great !

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