Not Just Pebbles. . .

One of the great things about this project is  you never know what you are going to get in the mail. Sure, you might think how difficult could it be to imagine – pebbles, stones, and rocks! Surprisingly 3 out of 4 pebble deliveries I receive also contain some other small gift; which is the case with this next Pebble I received from an Artist right here in Georgia!

Ande Cook, or Chikory as she is known on 1000Markets, sent me this wonderful pebble that originally came from Bainbridge Island on the Puget Sound! It’s a dream of mine to some day visit the Pacific Northwest and collect some pebbles for myself.


I love the striations in this pebble! I can see myself doing a painting of only this pebble.

Ande was also kind enough to send me a magnet that features some of her brilliant artwork. If I had to describe her Art in one word I would use ‘Magical’!


I also have another surprising delivery this week. It came from Kate in Tennessee. Instead of the typical pebbles I received 4 rocks/fossils!!!


I was totally shocked when I opened up the bubble wrap containing these treasures from the Earth. How exciting. I’m definitely going to be doing a little research into what they are exactly. The two in the back are more obvious than the ones towards the front.

I have never painted fossils but it has crossed my mind more than once. While living in England I went fossil hunting on the Jurassic Coast and was deeply inspired by the fossils we found that day. I will be giving this a lot of thought!

Thank you both so much!! You should be receiving your ACEOs very soon!


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Artist inspired by nature, fantasy and distant worlds.
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  1. Cori Berg says:

    This is such an interesting project. I love the idea and love the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This project is soooo fun!

  3. Diane Clancy says:

    This project is great!! I have sent mine off yesterday – at last!!

    Also, thank you for your comment the other day – I can’t believe it was caught in my spam filter! But I saved it!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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