Beauty in Diversity

Yesterday I received a very generous pebble donation from a fellow artist I admire greatly, Diane Clancy! I have to admit that I knew it was going to arrive any day, but it’s always a surprise when I open the the packages regardless of whether I knew it was coming or not. I tend to get very excited like a child at Christmas. πŸ˜€ Diane sent me 9 pebbles from her hometown in Massachusetts.


Aren’t they wonderful!? I think pebbles and their diversity is what makes them so special. They can be rounded, flat or rough, and the colors are limitless. You can see from the photo that 2 of the pebbles have hints of red in them. Gorgeous!

magentamoonDiane was also kind enough to send me a little gift and I knew what it was before I could even get the bubblewrap off. She sent me a print of an ACEO that she recently created and I remember admiring it on her blog. There is no way she could have known but this is one of my favorites from her new line of Pastel ACEOs.

Thank you so much!!!

Please be sure to check out all of Diane Clancy’s Art on her website:

She is a gifted and inspiring person who I feel privelaged to know. πŸ™‚


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9 Responses to Beauty in Diversity

  1. Diane’s pebbles are so different! Those in the foreground look translucent. She is such a generous soul.

    • imakeart says:

      Yes those little pebbles in the front look like pure Quartz pebbles. They shimmer when you hold in the light. πŸ™‚

  2. Cori Berg says:

    Thank you so much for turning me on to Diane’s work! I love the bright colors!

  3. Diane Clancy says:

    This is so so cool!!! Thank you both Amanda and Jean for your kind comments!!

    I am off to go write a post about this lovely post!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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  5. Diane Clancy says:

    Thank you, Jean, Cori and Amanda for your kind comments about me and my work!! Cori – I am thrilled that you have seen and loved my work!!

    Here is a post about this

    Thank you again so so much!! I can hardly wait until I get my Art Card, ACEO (but take your time, Amanda!!)

    ~ Diane Clancy

    • imakeart says:

      You are very welcome! And thank you for sharing my blog post on your own blog!!

      Best wishes to you and all you do!


  6. Diane Clancy says:

    Hi Amanda –

    I have received the ACEO and taken a scan of it to post it on my blog … to send people over to see your pebble project again.

    Hope you like it!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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