Triangular Pebble?!

I know I said that pebbles come in all shapes and sizes, but is this for real? A fellow artist and friend, Heide Hibbard, sent me some wonderful pebbles from California, and of them happens to be triangular. When I first opened the little baggy holding the pebbles I thought to myself, “Is this for real?” It sure is.


The question is, how did it form? Was it through natural processes or was this someone’s handywork? Maybe Heide will tell all. 😀


The pebbles themselves seem very porous. This morning I conducted my own little experiment and found that you can write with them (reddish brown). I’m really curious about what type of stone they are and if I can’t figure it out with my Geology reference I may hunt down my old Geology Professor at the University.


Thank you so much Heide for these wonderful and certainly unique pebbles. I now have my first, and maybe only triangular pebble! Your free ACEO is on its way!

Don’t forget to check out Heide’s website of wonderful Art. You can also find Heide on Etsy at


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5 Responses to Triangular Pebble?!

  1. What fun this is! I love the variety you’re getting. Amazing.

  2. Cori Berg says:

    Wow! Isn’t it amazing that you can find miracles even in a small pebble?

  3. heide says:

    I looked a long time to find pebbles that were not from road rock or gravel for paths. On my property the gentleman before us had imported so many types of stones I could not be sure what was native so I went pebble searching up at a nearby lake – again so much road rock and gravel around the paths so I went down by the lake to find these. It was hard to find any small pebbles around there – maybe all the little stones and pebbles had long since been thrown in the lake by kids or just did not want to come loose out of the damp soil. Anyway it is native to santa rosa, california in sonoma county 🙂

    • imakeart says:


      Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy knowing a pebble’s story – where it came from and how it ended up in my mailbox. I will treasure them always. 🙂

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