More from the British Isles

This past Friday I received my second pebble delivery from the UK!! I do believe it was also my largest pebble delivery, totaling 17 pebbles. They came from Fran of Southampton. She collected this wonderful assortment of pebbles from Calshot beach. You can just make out the Isle of Wight in the distance; which I too could see on a clear day from Poole Harbour.


Look at all those pebbles!!

Fran, like me, has a passion for pebbles and couldn’t resist taking some photos the morning she went in search of pebbles for my project. 😀


Can you spot one of the pebbles she sent me?

I just love the pebbles she sent!!


There is so much inspiration in these pebbles!! Fran pointed out to me a bit about some of pebbles and how she found them. I’m going to share one because I had to research it a bit myself. The stone next to the red pebble is called a Hag Stone (it has a hole straight through it).  They are usually glassy stones (if you could see the other side of mine you can see that it is) and the hole is naturally occurring. The rest is from Wikipedia:

. . .believed to have magical powers such as protection against eye diseases or evil charms, preventing nightmares, curing whooping cough, and of course recovery from snakebite. According to popular conception, a true adder stone will float in water.

I’m going to have to test that!!

Thank you so much Fran! Your free ACEO is in the post, along with another little surprise, but I’m not telling what it is – yet!  🙂


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5 Responses to More from the British Isles

  1. Fran says:

    Aww that’s mean….. I shall be eagerly watching for the postman every day now. How exciting! Glad you like the ‘Hag’. I knew they were supposed to bring luck but haven’t actually looked it up. I am so enjoying this project and it’s not even mine.

    • imakeart says:

      Don’t you just hate that, when someone teases a surprise in front of you? 😀 So sorry, but if I tell you then it won’t be a surprise!! Thank you again for sending me such a wonderful collection of pebbles. I will cherish them forever.

  2. beingmaisie says:

    I know just what you mean, i have been fascinated by pebbles for ages and would always collect them from beaches.
    I will send you some very soon.
    This is a great project and i love your ACEO’s
    I am just about to try my hand at making some myself.

    best wishes

    • imakeart says:

      Hi Gill,

      Thank you for your kind words. I will be on the look out for those pebbles. ACEOs are fun and exciting!


  3. beingmaisie says:

    Your pebbles are in the post to you right now, i hope you like them.


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