Viva Italia!

I knew a package of pebbles were on their way to me from Italy, but I’ve still been bouncing out of my seat with joy. Yesterday was the lucky day! My first pebbles from Europe! They’ve come to me from a fellow artist that I had the pleasure of meeting on Facebook, Loredana Mariotto. Her medium of choice are watercolors, and she paints wonderful scenes from everyday life, nature, wildlife…whatever strikes her fancy.

And now for the pebbles…

This first group of pebbles came from the Island of Crete!! Wow!!

The second group of pebbles came from the Alps. But that’s now all…

Loredana also shared some of her small works of art with me!!!!

Thank you so much, Loredana, for your generosity! The pebbles are incredible and I just love the bookmark and tags. I’ve already popped the bookmark in my current read. 😀 Your free, original ACEO will be on it’s way to you soon!!

It’s easy for anyone to participate in the One Pebble Project. Just click on Send a Pebble to find out how!


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  1. Wonderful art, wonderful story, wonderful gift.

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