Remembering Bournemouth

In 2006 I traveled from London to Poole for the first time. During that visit I made a trip to Bournemouth beach. It was not a picture perfect day, but what can you expect–it was September. Even with the overcast skies I was in awe of the Bournemouth coastline.

On what was to become a cold, wet day I collected my first pebbles from the Dorset coast. šŸ™‚ They are still among some of my favorite pebbles and now thanks to the wonderful Jane Glenholmes I have more!

It’s an incredible stormy day here, so unfortunately these photographs are not as vivid as I’d like them to be. But even from this low light image I have this sense of being at the beach again. Thank you so much Jane!! Here’s a bit of a closer look:

Jane had no way of knowing, but I have been planning a pebble paining of predominately white pebbles! Now I have all the models I need to pull it off. šŸ˜€

I’ll be posting your ACEO soon Jane!


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