Pebbles by Chance

Monday afternoon I was greeted with a wonderful pebble delivery from fellow EBSQ artist, Lauren Abrams! She claims she didn’t know about my One Pebble Project. It goes to show that everyone knows I love pebbles! 😀

As I spread these lovelies across the table I noticed the underlying reddish hue some of the pebbles had. I also thought I saw some blues in the other pebbles. Remember, I have a challenge going on for one blue and one red pebble! I let the said pebble sit in a cup of water for a few minutes and then put them on a paper towel:

We have red!!! But no blue… 😦 I’m going to send you a little something extra anyways! 😀

Thank you so much Lauren for such a generous donation! These pebbles will be put to good use in upcoming paintings. And for those of you reading this be sure to check out Lauren’s amazing paintings and polymer clay creations!


About Amanda Makepeace

Artist inspired by nature, fantasy and distant worlds.
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