The Shores of Lake Superior

On Friday I received a lovely bundle of pebbles from Mary Wilbourn of Minnesota, and I mean lovely…

Look at that fabric!!

The pebbles wrapped inside were just as incredible…

A little closer…

Wow! I’m blown away. If I were to photograph each of these pebbles up close you would be amazed. Thank you so much Mary!! What treasures you have sent me. I’ve already begun work on your ACEO and it will be on its way soon!


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Artist inspired by nature, fantasy and distant worlds.
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4 Responses to The Shores of Lake Superior

  1. What gorgeous rocks. I have never been to any of the great lakes. Thanks for sharing! And, you’ve made me look at our Maine rocks a little closer when I’m on runs and walks. Thanks for slowing me down a little!

    • Thank you, for stopping by! There is so much at our feet we miss everyday. That’s awesome you took a few seconds to glance down at your path. 😀 If you ever see one worth picking up, send it my way and I’ll see you a miniature artwork (ACEO). 😉

  2. Mary Wilbourn says:

    Amazing what melting glaciers will allow to collect in air pockets in basalt and lava! Eons of layers of dripping, building up. The red color of Lake Superior Agates comes from the high level of iron in the area.

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