What looks like a pebble, but is soft like a sponge?

Pebble Pillow by HarlanWhat looks like a pebble, but is soft like a sponge? A needle felted pebble of course! 😀 I know some of the most amazing artists and I feel blessed to have them in my life, even if it is only in an online sense. Harlan is one such artist. I know her as Jeanne. Many others know her as the amazing realist painter and needle felter at CraftEdu.

Jeanne can needle felt anything. I’m serious. When she decided to try needle felting a pebble the results were unbelievable. I admit I went a little gaga over her rock pillows, and that’s when she offered to send me one!! Isn’t is it beautiful? The coin you can just see in the photograph above is a quarter. This is no tiny pebble, it’s a rock pillow, but I like to call it a pebble pillow. 😀 It’s soft and squishy and perfect for resting my head on in the car or elevating my ankles when they ache.

Thank you, Jeanne!!

In the spirit of giving, I decided it would be far more fun if we did a trade. I’m in the process (2/3 complete) of painting her a pebble painting!

Gnome Seeking a HomeCheck out Jeanne’s shops on Etsy:




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