Preparing your Pebble for the Journey

As March approaches (and soon after April!) I thought a cute little how t0 was in order.

Preparing your Pebble for the JourneyTexas Pebble Stack


  1. Pebble(s)
  2. Small Padded/Bubble Mailer Envelope (4 x 7); if you can reuse one you’ve received even better!
  3. Paper Towel Sheet.
  4. Sticky note or small piece of paper.

1. You need your pebble. What qualifies as a pebble? Check out the photograph with a AA Battery for comparison.

Your Pebble2. Place your pebble on the paper towel.

Place your pebble on the paper towel.3. Wrap him or her up nice and tight. If you are sending multiple pebbles you might want to put them in a zip-lock baggy first. I once opened a packaged, lost my grip and pebbles went everywhere. LOL

Wrap your pebble up.4. Now it’s time to fill out the bubble mailer. Like I said, a 4 x 7 in. should work just fine and if you can reuse one you already have all the better. You can find the address to send your pebble here.

Fill out your Bubble Mailer5. Once you’ve addressed and filled your bubble mailer with the pebble include your own address on a sticky note or small piece of paper.

Include your address!There have been a few times when the return address on the envelope was barely readable. To ensure I can mail your ACEO please include your address. 🙂

April 1st the fun begins. Don’t forget to mark your calendar! If you send me a pebble I will send you an ACEO. This year’s ACEOs will all be original watercolor paintings. 😀



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