Pebble No. 13

Watercolor Pebble ACEO PaintingPebble No. 13 is here, but not with much enthusiasm. I decided not to paint the background for this little ACEO. Not out of boredom or lack of time, but just because I’m troubled by the events in Japan. Yes, we’ve seen a lot of disasters in the past two years. But the threat of a Nuclear meltdown, explosion, makes my heart ache. Our planet is always going to be in a state of change, but we try our best to be a species of permanence. It doesn’t work. There are some days I wish we were not so dependent on our technology and way of life. I wish we could let go of the machines destroying our planet.


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Artist inspired by nature, fantasy and distant worlds.
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2 Responses to Pebble No. 13

  1. Your painting is very well done none the less. The events in Japan are heart-breaking. We can only hope that mankind learns from this catastrophy (all 3 of them!).

    • Thanks, Linda. I heard a Japanese official on NPR this morning making a statement about how ultimately, we (humans) are not in control and must have more respect for Nature. It lifted my spirits a bit.

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