Pebbles and all stones for that matter come in a multitude of colors, shapes and textures. I just love them! When I was a child I loved collecting things from Nature, like rocks, feathers, snake skins, empty turtle shells, etc. I had a box that I stored them and called it ‘my collection’. Sadly I lost most of my collection when my family moved to Georgia in the late 80’s. That didn’t stop me from starting a new collection but this time around I stuck to rocks, gemstones and pebbles.





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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Hi. Great blog. I live in Ireland where we have some stunning stones, I am sure you would not leave empty handed if you came here. I paint them and am hoping to have an exhibition of stone paintings soon.
    What I am intrigued by is WHY people love stones and pebbles. Can you tell me why you like them?

    April Jarocka

    • Hi April,

      Thanks for visiting my blog! It’s great to find another pebble artist.

      I’m not sure I could say why I love them so much. As a child I use to take a lot of walks in the woods and nearly always came home with something in my pocket. Rocks, pebbles and crystals were high on my list of “treasures” and I just never grew out of that love. The myriad of colors, textures, shapes is fascinating. I lived in Dorset, England for a couple years and went into pebble overload. After I moved back tot he USA I missed all those pebbles, and so I started this project.

      I too paint pebbles in between my other projects. 🙂

      Best of luck with your exhibition!


  3. Irene says:

    I am very interested in your site and artwork!
    I’m a relatively new ACEO collector (i started several months ago and my collection is only about 20 at the moment) and I was wondering: do the pebbles have to be very unique? Because unfortunately, most are not too interesting around here. Do you sell your ACEO’s separately?


    • Hi Irene and thanks!

      Any and all pebbles are welcome! So don’t worry about them being unique. As for your second question, I do sell my ACEOs separately. You can find some in my Etsy shop – Nature’s Charms. I’ll be listing some new ACEO’s later this week.

      Best wishes,


  4. Hi there

    great website. I’d like to feature it on our museum home page. Good luck with your project!


    Graeme Walker, Curator T.B.P.M

  5. aloha Amanda – this is really just an fyi – i’ve figured out blogrolling and have added you to one of my areas. if that is not okay with you, please let me know. and just so you’ll also know… i’m reasonably sure these will change over time, but i have no idea how they may change until they do… mahalo (thanks) – aloha Wrick

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  7. jaredwinn says:

    Great site! I’d like to feature your site on my Blog profiles page. Let me know if you’d be interested.

    Jared Winn
    JCWinn Local-Internet Directory

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