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Pebble Delivery #1

The first pebble has arrived! This little tumbled beauty came to me from an artist friend, Gillian, in Indiana.  I love the layers of color in this stone. Here’s another view: I love it!! But what I love even more, … Continue reading

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Let the Trading Begin!

Welcome to the third annual One Pebble Project. I began this project first and foremost because I love pebbles. I began collecting little bits of Nature as a child and the passion has stayed with me to this day, sometimes … Continue reading

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Preparing your Pebble for the Journey

As March approaches (and soon after April!) I thought a cute little how t0 was in order. Preparing your Pebble for the Journey Supplies: Pebble(s) Small Padded/Bubble Mailer Envelope (4 x 7); if you can reuse one you’ve received even … Continue reading

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Fifty more days

There are fifty more days till the madness begins again!! I’m getting those ATCs ready for the One Pebble Project. Send me a Pebble and I’ll send you an original ATC! The Mayhem begins April 1, 2011. 😀

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The Shores of Lake Superior

On Friday I received a lovely bundle of pebbles from Mary Wilbourn of Minnesota, and I mean lovely… Look at that fabric!! The pebbles wrapped inside were just as incredible… A little closer… Wow! I’m blown away. If I were … Continue reading

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Remembering Bournemouth

In 2006 I traveled from London to Poole for the first time. During that visit I made a trip to Bournemouth beach. It was not a picture perfect day, but what can you expect–it was September. Even with the overcast … Continue reading

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The Power of Color

Sometimes pebbles sing to me. I received my latest batch of pebbles from a young woman in Canada, who made sure to share with me (quite poetically) the power of color contained in each small stone. When I held the … Continue reading

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