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The One Pebble Project is now closed.




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  3. bwahahahaha – aloha Amanda – i have to laugh because sometimes i see something some one is doing and wonder if i’m the one doing it. your project is right out of my world. like you pebbles, rocks, stones et. al. have long found their way into my pockets, backpacks, suitcases and… you get the picture i’m sure. …from just about every where i have been they find a way to explore in me and often travel on with me too… …as well as a number of other things you like as well. …i’ve learned not to promise something until i do it. so i hope i do send a pebble but that will just have to remain to happen when it does. …it wont be from hawaii, tho. taking rocks from hawaii is kapu (forbidden) – altho i am not hawaiian by ancestry it just plain makes sense to me not to remove land from a very tiny bit of land in a very big pond. …i do have stones from many other places tho… so… yes, i’m hoping to trade with you. …stones or an ATC/ACEO either one. way fun. aloha – Wrick

    • Wonderful! It’s great meeting kindred spirits. 🙂 I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed then that you send something my way. Thank you for stopping by! I’ve bookmarked your blog so I can see what artwork you post next!

  4. Mahalo (thanks) Amanda – i’m new to WP. i’m more familiar with art. i just have to figure blogging on WP out a bit yet. altho i’ve bookmarked this location too. aloha – Wrick

  5. Quinn says:

    Hi Amanda-I’m published with you in Leaves & Flowers and still enjoying my lovely pinecone bookmark you created. Sorry for the delay in sending my pebbles. I’ve been on my bike lately. I’m going to a wonderful rocky beach tomorrow with my 9 year old honorary niece, so I’ll have her choose some pebbles there, and I will make a date with my feet to take a peaceful walk on the ‘beach’ beside the river behind my house this week to find treasures…..they’ll be coming to you soon. 🙂

  6. Mary Wilbourn says:


    A mailing of a handful of pebbles gathered in northern Minnesota is heading your way! I have stones from everywhere I have visited, jars and bowls adorn every room, larger ones have homes in the garden. As a textile artist, I find great inspiration in the layers of texture and blending of colors in stones, riverbeds, cliffs, even gravel pits!

    A friend, who recently passed, lived in a lovely cabin in the woods, on a rocky lake, had a favorite grace shared before every meal: “Rocks! Lakes! Trees! AMEN!”

    – Mary

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